The CEO of Unicorn Capital Partners took on the role of a speaker at the VII Annual Forum BIOTECHMED in Sochi in the following sessions:

1. Modern Technologies – Project Sources:

· Unsatisfied medical needs as a vector of development

· State support measures at all of the stages of a project’s lifecycle and their implementation

· Key success factors of projects’ realization

· Venture fund as a way to conduct examination of a project

· Need for additional means of support

· Support measures of allied industries

2. Modern Methods of Developing an Inclusive Environment:

· How to integrate an individual with disabilities into the country’s economy, extend their active age and improve their quality of life with the help of assistive technologies

· Support measures that are provided by government bodies, development institutions and venture funds

The main matters of 2023 were defined to be the following: healthcare system provision, development of innovations, technological independence, quality of production, digital healthcare, rehabilitation, inclusive environment, personnel training, relevant approaches to dealing with oncological diseases and with diseases of the central nervous system, pricing schemes, export development, consumers’ trust, patent right.

Alexey Vinogradov explained how Unicorn Capital Partners functions and described the criteria and technologies of selecting venture projects, as well as the statistics of these projects’ sources.