Unicorn Capital is the management company for PharmMed Innovations venture Fund. We invest in medical innovations development, joining together the efforts of scientists, entrepreneurs, medical and industrial professionals to help breakthrough scientific idea grow into world-class medical products available for patients

fund PharmMed Inn
fund PharmMed Inn
Managing Partner & CEO
Managing Partner
Managing Partner
Senior Analyst

Unicorn Capital Partners is the management company of the Pharm Med Innovations venture fund.
The size of the fund is 4.5 billion rubles, allocated by the Ministry of Industry of the Russian Federation and Trade.

Senior Analyst
Nataliya serves as senior analyst at Unicorn Capital Partners since June 2019. Nataliya has scientific experience as oncoimmunologist and 10+y experience in biopharma and investments. Served as a senior scientific expert at Pharmstandard Ventures (former InBio Ventures), IBC Generium. Has a broad expertise in current technologies such as cell therapy, antibodies and ADC, vaccines, SMTs, oncolytic viruses as well as existing unmet needs in various indications. Participates in scientific due diligence of pharmaceutical projects. Nataliya works as expert at Skolkovo Foundation since 2017 and a member of mini-grant committee.

Natalia graduates as MS in biochemistry from Moscow State University (2001). Has got PhD in molecular biology in immunology from Institute of Bioorganic chemistry RAS), accomplished 2-y educational course in Oncoimmunology, sponsored by Cancer Research Institute (USA).
Старший аналитик
Managing Partner
Managing PartnerManaging Partner at Unicorn Capital Partners since April 2023. Prior to taking the position, she worked as Deputy Executive Director of the NTI (National Technological Initiative) Venture Fund (2022-2023), and previously served as Executive Director of the private venture fund Primer Capital (2016-2022).

Elizaveta has over 10 years of experience in launching and managing public and private venture funds, leading and supporting biopharmaceutical projects, as well as developing partnerships with scientific, commercial and state institutions.

Elizaveta made multiple presentations at scientific and industrial conferences,and co-authored several patents.

She was a member of the Board of Directors of OncoAtlas and Botkin.AI, and the Supervisory Board of ACTICOR BIOTECH (Series A, IPO Euronext).

In 2002 Elizaveta graduated from the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of Lomonosov Moscow State University, then in 2007 she graduated from the Faculty of Biology of Lomonosov Moscow State University.
Managing Partner & CEO
Alexey is a co-founder and holds leadership position at Unicorn Capital Partners since its inception in December 2019. Previously, in 2017-2019, served as head of Pharmstandard ventures (venture arm of Russia’s leading pharmaceutical company), and as a managing partner at its predecessor company, Inbio ventures (2013-2017). From 2010 to 2013 Alexey was a part of Bioprocess capital investment team, which was Russia’s first biotech-focused venture fund.
Some of his recent Board of Director appointments include: Aquinox pharmaceuticals (Series C, IPO NASDAQ: AQXP, exit on positive phase 2 data); Protagonist therapeutics (Series B, Series C, IPO NASDAQ, partnered with Janssen in >$1B transaction); Argos (lead investor in Series E, IPO NASDAQ); Allena (Series B, Series C, IPO NASDAQ); Avelas biosciences (lead investor in Series C); TearSolutions (lead investor in Series B). 8 out of 11 investments went public on NASDAQ. Some of the valuable syndication partners included Third Rock Ventures, JJDC, Frazier, Bessemer, Forbion, Pfizer ventures, HBM, TVM, Avalon.

Alexey graduated as MS (1995) and then as PhD in biochemistry (2000) from Moscow State University; 2000-2002 – postdoctoral fellow at the lab of biomolecular sciences, Wageningen University, the Netherlands.

Managing Partner
Managing Partner at Unicorn Capital Partners since December 2019 Prior to joining Unicorn Capital hold a position of the head of expertise at Pharmstandard Ventures (2017 – 2019). Before that had serves as a senior analyst at InBio Ventures (2014 – 2017).

As a part of regular dutis, was a member of Board of Directors at Transmedics Inc. (NASDAQ:TMDX, Boston, USA), and was a Board Observer at EnGene (Montreal, Canada).
Before joining the VC society Petr had been working at the inernational CRO WorldWide Clinical Trials as an Associate Director (2006 – 2013), and then was a Business and Marketing Director at the Russian CRO Synergy Research Group.

Graduated as MD from Saint-Petersburg First Medical University, (1996), and PhD from the Institute of Experimental Medicine, (1999)

The most recognizable syndicate partners: Forbion, JJDC, Lumira Ventures, Fonds de solidarité FTQ, Abrams Capital, Flagship Pioneering.
Dipiaron LLC is an innovative biotech start-up company. Project is aimed at creating a new original drug for the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus, metabolic syndrome and obesity.

Target Medicals is a private biotech company committed to discovery and development of aldosterone synthase inhibitor, a first-in-class drug for treatment of cardio-metabolic disorders caused by aldosterone overproduction, including drug-resistant arterial hypertension, chronic heart failure, chronic kidney disease, diabetic nephropathy, etc.

Botkin.AI is a software platform for medical image analysis using artificial intelligence technology. The platform solves the problem of early detection of malignant neoplasms from CT images, clarifies prognoses, and reduces the likelihood of human error.
We invest in startups developing:
New drugs, including small molecules, biological and cellular products, gene therapy, and their delivery vehicles;
Medical devices, including diagnostic devices;
Software for medical use, including AI approaches.

We are interested in all areas of medicine. The preference is given to projects in medium or early stage of development; however, projects at any stage of development can be accepted, from seed to late-stage. Size of investment is individual and depends on the funds required to achieve the nearest value inflection point, but in no case more than 10% of the Fund can be committed to one project. Target companies should be private legal entities, preferably in Russian jurisdiction. We are open to investing in foreign companies, provided that at least 70% of our investment will be spent in Russia.

If your product:
• aims to address unmet medical needs,
• needs authorization for use by a medical regulatory authority,
• has the global market potential,
• has a rigorous scientific basis and potential advantage in efficacy/safety versus the competition on the market and in development,
• complies with the principles of evidence-based medicine,
• has protected intellectual property or a reasonable plan to obtain such protection, we will be glad to meet you and discuss the possibility of our cooperation.
To start the assessment process, please send us a non-confidential presentation (ppt or pdf) about your project/company, containing:
• Description of the problem it is solving,
• Presentation of the core team;
• Scientific and technological novelty;
• Results of the conducted research;
• Advantage over existing approaches;
• Development plan, need for financing;
• Plan for the protection of;
• Your contacts
Leave a request for consideration of your project

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