Alexey Vinogradov and Natalia Mushenkova alongside their colleagues from China participated in a conference about cooperation in the sphere of healthcare as part of Business Russia on November 29, 2023.

The perspectives of business cooperation and the opportunities of investment projects’ realisation in the field of healthcare became the main topics of the meeting between entrepreneurs from Russia and China.

The businessmen that attended the event work in the following spheres:

· Development of decisions and their implementation in the spheres of artificial intelligence and diagnostics of healthcare

· Research and production of biological medicinal products, vaccines

Alexey Vinogradov described how the fund Unicorn Capital Partners operates and described the criteria and technologies of venture projects’ selection as well as possible ways of cooperation with the firms in China.

The result of the visit of the Chinese delegation to Business Russia was the agreement to continue the dialogue about the range of projects that can become a good base for efficient and fruitful cooperation in the future.