Alexey Vinogradov, the managing partner of Unicorn Capital Partners, the management company of the venture fund “PharmMed Innovations,” participated as a speaker in the session dedicated to the presentation of the new Rospatent competition “From Idea to Market Product” in the conference “Era of IP” (Rospatent/FIPS). The competition purposes for supporting talented inventors, entrepreneurs, and startups developing technologies in various industrial sectors. Unicorn Capital Partners will collaborate with the Rospatent in an expert selection of the most promising projects and startups.

Also, the meeting of Unicorn Capital Partners with the Innopractice on collaboration in the field of intellectual property took place. Unicorn Capital Partners and the Innopractice will collaborate in licensing intellectual property created at Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov, for the purpose of best development and support of startups. As well, the companies will help to improve whole work procedures for the MSU Technology Transfer Office
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